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training for
cannabis companies
+ industry pros

Higher Learning LV seminars and courses define the industry standard for effective + affordable training and education for human resources managers, busy professionals, and aspiring graduates in the cannabis space.

Our catalog of live instructor-led classes consistently delivers better education (and more value) than the pre-recorded videos offered by our competitors.

Higher Learning LV offers premium live seminars and courses that feature optional proficiency-based certification. All are developed in-house and—beginning at only $59 per student—satisfy any training budget.


Foundational skills training can be customized for enterprise clients facing regulatory requirements and other specialized needs.

Fully digital and encrypted
online classes keep students and employees safe + and offer convenience for working professionals and enterprise training managers.


Higher Learning LV's interactive live instructor-led training approach is designed specifically for cannabis professionals and the enterprise HR needs of 2021 and beyond.  


Live online
skills training for
cannabis companies
+ industry professionals

Why Testing Matters

Beginning summer 2021, Higher Learning LV will open enrollment in a catalog of more than a dozen seminars and courses—all of which feature optional proficiency-based certification testing.

Certificate-bearing training that does not involve proctored testing and minimum scoring requirements is, basically, worthless. Any prospective employee bearing a Higher Learning LV certificate of completion has proven their post-training knowledge retention. 

As of Q2 2021, the cannabis industry features more than 350,000 employees. Millions of hemp and cannabis professionals—and the companies that employ them—will begin seeking and preferring proficiency-based certification that proves their understanding of the science, business, and regulation of legal cannabis in this hyper-competitive and heavily regulated emerging industry.   

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"At Higher Learning LV, seminars and courses manifest as dynamic and engaging live classes involving homework + Q&A sessions. Canned videos cannot equal the quality of live sessions filled with spontaneous questions from curious students and accurate answers from veteran instructors." 

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