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Higher Learning LV courses define the industry standard for effective and affordable training and education for companies of all sizes, transitional professionals, and success-driven graduates.

Our catalog of on-demand classes features proficiency-based certification that helps companies compete and professionals get jobs.

Higher Learning LV offers premium courses and seminars based on peer-reviewed reserarch studies. All developed in-house and—beginning at only $130 per student—able to satisfy any enterprise or personal training budget.

Our proprietary skills training is developed by the most experienced
instructional designers in the industry.  

All Higher Learning LV seminars and courses feature certification earned via proficiency testing (85 percent or better). 

Training value can be determined only if the post-course learning retention of students can be reliably measured. Module-level skills assessment and integrated reviews help students achieve certification.   

Certified Training

Higher Learning LV will in autumn of 2022 release our first on-demand courses. All courses in our catalog include proficiency-based certification granted only to students who achieve a minimum score.

All Higher Learning LV courses are based on our Four Pillars of cannabis science: Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavonoids, and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The commerce and chemistry of these Four Pillars—including regulatory oversight, product formulation principles, and retail management best practices—is our focus.

As of 2022, the legal cannabis industry features more than 430,000 employees (a 33 percent increase in only one year). Millions of hemp and cannabis staff members will need professional certified training that delivers a solid competitive advantage in this emerging industry.   

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"At Higher Learning LV, courses manifest as dynamic and engaging on-demand classes involving homework + dedicated review lessons." 

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