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Cannabis Foundation

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32 lessons
75 homewo
rk assignments
One improved career

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Higher Learning LV's content development services deliver premium science-based communications assets that is tailor-made for your brand identity and marketing goals. 


Beginning at only $1 a word, your CFO will approve of doing business with us. Don't believe it? Our Articles page stands as an example of our technical writing skills.  

Higher Learning LV will in Q1 2023 begin offering premium courses and seminars based on peer-reviewed reserarch studies. All developed in-house and—beginning at only $130 per student—able to satisfy any enterprise or personal training budget.

Our proprietary skills training is developed by the most experienced
instructional designers in the industry.  

Higher Learning LV offers hundreds of ad-free and no-cost educational articles for hemp and cannabis industry professionals. Our series include Deep Dive, Study Summary, and Interviews.

All target key learning topics and are based entirely in peer-reviewed research studies. We make about 75% of our training content available at no cost—as a way of combating misinformation.   

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"When our clients ask us about the science of cannabis, the first content we review is what’s written by Higher Learning LV and Curt Robbins.” — Clean Technique, Westfield, Massachusetts, 2020 

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