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Cannabis Class Types

From entry-level Modules to proctored Certification Examinations, Higher Learning LV is a
full-service provider of premium on-demand cannabis training for the cannabis and hemp industries. 


During 2023, we will introduce a catalog of 13 research-based cannabis modules, seminars, courses, and proctored certification tests that deliver to students and enterprise employees an insightfully curated and rigorously comprehensive foundational knowledge of the current business and biochemistry landscape of cannabis and hemp.  


Modules are Higher Learning LV's entry-level and shortest research-based class type. With an economical enrollment fee of only $130, Modules allow students to focus on a particular topic—especially if they are on a budget.   

Modules cover core topics such as terpenes, cannabinoids, the endocannabinoid system, flavonoids, alt cannabinoids, and delta-9 THC and feature eight lessons and 16 homework assignments. Modules are not eligible for certification. 


Seminars are Higher Learning LV's mid-tier research-based class type and are comprised of two modules each. A variety of Seminars cover a range of topics, including cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Seminars include 16 lessons and 32 homework assignments. The enrollment fee for this class type is $220, something that is sure to please even the most conservative human resources executive or CFO. Seminars are not eligible for certification.


Courses are Higher Learning LV's most detailed class type, giving students a more thorough research-based investigation of cannabis and hemp than either our Modules or Seminars. Courses involve four modules, 32 lessons, and 64 homework assignments.

Our three Courses are Cannabis Foundation: Part 1, Cannabis Foundation: Part 2, and Budtender Basics. Courses feature a budget-friendly enrollment fee of only $380 and offer optional certification testing. (Certification requires a passing grade of 90% or greater and features an examination fee of $220.)

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