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Bioactive Properties of the Linalool Terpene

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Welcome to Cannabis Conclusions, a unique educational series from Higher Learning LV that is targeted at hemp and cannabis industry professionals. This series provides readers with the conclusion section from important modern peer-reviewed research studies.

Lavender is a leading source of linalool

A September 2021 study entitled "Recent Updates on Bioactive Properties of Linalool" that was published in the journal Food & Function explored the potential biochemical efficacy of the terpene linalool, which is produced by hundreds of different botanical species, including hemp/cannabis/marijuana.

Study Conclusions

"Natural products, including essential oils and their components, have been used for their bioactivities. Linalool (2,6-dimethyl-2,7-octadien-6-ol) is an aromatic monoterpene alcohol that is widely found in essential oils and is broadly used in perfumes, cosmetics, household cleaners and food additives.

"Linalool can induce apoptosis of cancer cells via oxidative stress and at the same time protects normal cells."

"This review covers the sources, physicochemical properties, application, synthesis and bioactivities of linalool. The present study focuses on the bioactive properties of linalool, including the following activities and underlying mechanisms:

"Besides this, the therapeutic potential of linalool and the prospect of encapsulating linalool are also discussed. Linalool can induce apoptosis of cancer cells via oxidative stress and at the same time protects normal cells.

"Linalool exerts antimicrobial effects through disruption of cell membranes. The protective effects of linalool to the liver, kidney, and lung are owing to its anti-inflammatory activity. On account of its protective effects and low toxicity, linalool can be used as an adjuvant of anticancer drugs or antibiotics. Therefore, linalool has a great potential to be applied as a natural and safe alternative therapeutic."

View the original study.

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