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C3 Podcast No. 39: Does Cannabis Enhance Creativity?

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Does cannabis enhance creativity? In No. 39 of the Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast, host Curt Robbins from Higher Learning LV and co-hosts Dena Putnam from Leafwize Naturals and John Bailey from the Mindset Genesis are joined by guest co-host Alana Armstrong from the Alan Aldous digital marketing agency in Toronto to discuss the controversial topic of cannabis and creativity.

A screen capture of this episode's co-hosts Dena Putnam, Alana Armstrong, John Bailey, and Curt Robbins
Episode co-hosts Alana Armstrong, John Bailey, Curt Robbins, and Dena Putnam

Putnam discussed how creativity is very subjective and a different process for different people. She theorizes that, for many, cannabis may help quiet the din of anxiety and distractions that prevent one's creative juices from flowing. Bailey reminded listeners that both cannabis and creativity are very complex and no simple answer will suffice.

How Does Cannabis Enhance Creativity?

He discussed flow state and how cannabis consumption may help some achieve this coveted state of being. Armstrong mentioned how creativity is a difficult thing to study, but that research has shown that cannabis may help consumers leave the world of the mundane and our daily tasks to enter a proverbial flow state. She describes how many tasks involve creativity, including marketing, cooking, and gardening.

"Bailey cited a 2015 study that examined the cannabis for convergent and divergent thinking. It revealed that low doses of THC improved divergent thinking, while high doses impaired it."

Robbins said he could relate to one of the conclusions of the discussion study summary that mentioned how, often, the ideas of cannabis consumers may be interpreted as creative, but that they were also found to be difficult to implement or otherwise unrealistic. The study reported that cannabis users may come up with ideas that are more original, but less feasible, than non-users.

Cannabis is Not a Substitute for One's Imagination

Putnam described how cannabis is not a substitute for one's imagination and pointed out that too much delta-9 THC may crush the childlike wonder that sometimes is produced by cannabis, making it goofy and unproductive.

"To get completely stoned all the time would just be counterproductive," she said. Bailey cited a 2015 study that examined the effects of cannabis on both convergent and divergent thinking. The study revealed that low doses of THC improved divergent thinking, while high doses impaired it. Bailey described how this study is merely one of many that have revealed similar data.

A large commercial greenhouse full of hundreds of cannabis plants
A commercial greenhouse full of cannabis plants

Famous Creatives Love Cannabis for Creativity

Armstrong described how famous creatives from history have used a variety of substances beyond cannabis to enhance their creativity. She thinks that one's creativity is inherent and that cannabis merely helps the creativity flow, but that the kind herb is not the origin of creative impulses. She said that learning how cannabis may help us be creative or productive is a personal journey. Armstrong described how technology, combined with legal cannabis, has contributed to a second age of enlightenment that will change the ways humans create, produce, and work.

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