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C3 Podcast No. 22: Cannabis Vape Pen Safety

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

In No. 22 of the Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast, host Curt Robbins from Higher Learning LV and co-hosts John Bailey from the Mindset Genesis in Las Vegas and Dena Putnam from Leafwize Naturals in Orange County, California discuss a November 2022 research study about the potential health threats of cannabis vape carts.

This fast-paced roundtable teaches listeners about the potential health impacts of 510-standard vape carts.

Bailey, Putnam, and Robbins discuss the significance of this study and real-world threats to patient and consumer safety when using disposable vape pens and vape pen cartridges with reusable batteries. These include offgassing and the release of metal particles into the vapor stream, a focus of the research study cited.

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This weekly 30-minute podcast is targeted at cannabis and hemp industry professionals and is strategically free of profanity and crude dialog. This audio session was edited for length and clarity.

To better understand the safety of increasingly popular marijuana vape carts—listen now at Higher Learning LV, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and most other major podcasting platforms (including Amazon Music, Anchor, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Stitcher, Samsung Podcasts, and Deezer).

Study: Metal Particles in Cannabis Vape Liquids

Welcome to Cannabis Conclusions, a unique educational series from Higher Learning LV that is targeted at hemp and cannabis industry professionals. This series provides readers with the conclusion section from important modern peer-reviewed research studies.

"Legal cannabis vape products do not typically provide any information on their packaging about the type of heating element and metal parts used."

A November 2022 study entitled "Evidence that Metal Particles in Cannabis Vape Liquids Limit Measurement Reproducibility" that was published in the journal ACS Omega employed "scanning electron microscopy with energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (SEM/EDS) and laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry" to investigate "the metal content in cannabis vape liquids from 20 legal and 21 illegal electronic vaping devices."

The study's authors reported that "legal cannabis vape products do not typically provide any information on their packaging about the type of heating element and metal parts used, and illegal products may not even have outer packaging, making it extremely difficult to identify the composition of metal components of the device without additional analysis."

They noted that many other studies have published "detailed lists of identified parts after the scrupulous dismantling of different vape devices," but that the significant number of new designs on the market makes it "difficult to keep up with component changes."

Vape Temperature Matters

In an article entitled "Cold Start Dabbing: Q&A with John Bailey," subject matter expert John Bailey from The Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast explained the importance of temperature in the process of the vaporization of cannabis and the role of combustion and resulting carcinogens.

Read the rest of the article.

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