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C3 Podcast No. 26: Cannabis Consumer Survey

In No. 26 of the Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast, host Curt Robbins from Higher Learning LV is joined by co-hosts Dena Putnam from Leafwize Naturals in Orange County, California and John Bailey from the Mindset Genesis in Las Vegas. The three roundtable discuss a 2022 Harris Poll survey of 2,000 American cannabis consumers that was sponsored by leading multi-state cannabis company Curaleaf.

This 18-minute podcast digs into the nuances of this recent survey and what the results mean for smart industry professionals who are focused on truly satisfying consumer demand. The group discusses the important topic of education within the industry and how companies might better inform their customers about product characteristics and possible outcomes.

In addition, Bailey, Putnam, and Robbins discuss the confounders to consumer expectations of efficacy, including crop variances, genetic shift, subjective efficacy, and the health level of a consumer.

🎧 Listen to C3 Podcast >> Cannabis Consumer Survey

This weekly 30-minute podcast is targeted at cannabis and hemp industry professionals and is strategically free of profanity and crude dialog. This audio session was edited for length and clarity.

Listen now at Higher Learning LV, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and most other major podcasting platforms (including Amazon Music, Anchor, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and Stitcher).

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