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C3 Podcast No. 46: Hart Steinfeld Talks Commercial Cannabis

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

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In No. 46 of the Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast, host Curt Robbins and co-hosts Dena Putnam from Leafwize Naturals and John Bailey from The Mindset Genesis discuss a number of topics suggested by Hart Steinfeld, a cannabis industry veteran from Calgary, Alberta. These topics include THC inflation, the lack of laboratory testing standards in North America, and the infamous sativa versus indica controversy that science seems to have busted—but where is the replacement?

Hart Steinfeld Smoking Cannabis at the Vancouver Airport, standing next to a green sign that reads "Designated Smoking and Vaping Area in both English and French
Hart Steinfeld legally smoking cannabis at the Vancouver Airport

C3 Podcast No. 46: Hart Steinfeld Talks Commercial Cannabis

"The problem is the fact that now we have labs testing all of our cannabis and they can allegedly be swayed a little bit by the almighty dollar to inflate percentages," said Steinfeld. "Obviously, the high THC percentages sell," said Putnam. "Therefore, people are going to do whatever they have to do to get those numbers up," she added. "Who loses there is really the consumer," said Bailey. "For not having the standardization and not having a better process to legitimize what people are really using. I think that's a failing point in the cannabis industry," he reported.

"It just comes back to more education. That's at the root of everything we're talking about today, right?," said Steinfeld.

"It Just Comes Back to More Education"

"It just comes back to more education. That's at the root of everything we're talking about today, right?," said Steinfeld. He described how budtenders typically embrace the indica versus sativa model and recommend sativa cultivars for the day and indica varieties for the evening and night. "We now know, through science, that it's pretty much BS. We need to take a harder look at the plant to determine its effects. As we know, it's based on other cannabinoids in the plant. It's based on terpenes, obviously," said Steinfeld.

"Indica versus sativa, those are your two choices," said Putnam. "If we were to delve into the genetics of everything in the sativa category you would probably find that none of them are a true sativa. It's a tough one...even though this myth now appears to be scientifically busted, it's still not a win for consumers who need something to help distinguish between the obvious differences in effect from one cultivar to another," said Putnam. "I'm frustrated with this one," said Bailey. "Who decided that we are going to, at the counter, say sativa or indica and keep it so strict in that nature?"

Cannabis expert Hart Steinfeld on The Cannabis Show
Cannabis expert Hart Steinfeld from Calgary

The group finally addresses Steinfeld's perception that some of the romance of cannabis has evaporated with the legalization of the herb. He described meeting his underground (legacy market) dealer before legalization and the thrill of obtaining new cannabis. "You have inspired me to start a new cannabis company where we're going to save so much money on packaging cause I'm just going to throw it in baggies and toss it across the counter," retorted Robbins.

"Maybe we're getting the Wonder Bread of weed and it's just not the same."

"There's definitely something to what he's talking about here," said Putnam. "Maybe like store bought tomatoes. They just don't have that certain something that makes you go woah," she said, adding, "Somewhere between the machine trimming which removes the moisture-retaining sugar leaves and the extra drying that prevents mold but also maybe dries out those volatile terpenes, packaging it in plastic and storing it for a bit. Maybe we're getting the Wonder Bread of weed and it's just not the same."

The C3 logo. All business. No small talk.
All business. No small talk.

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