C3 Video No. 6: Kyle Kazan of Glass House Brands

Updated: Oct 9

In December 2021, Higher Learning LV™ conducted an exclusive interview with Kyle Kazan, the co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of Glass House Brands in California.

During the 21-minute interview, Kazan explains what led to his involvement in the legal cannabis industry from professional roles as diverse as school teacher and police officer.

Kazan shared some of the principles that guide Glass House Brands to help make it one of the most successful publicly traded and vertically integrated cannabis companies in the United States.

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Chief among these is the goal of leveraging technology and workflow efficiencies to produce industrial-scale quantities of cannabis while maintaining craft level quality. What many have called a unicorn or said is impossible is being accomplished by Glass House Brands. Just as important, however, is accomplishing this elusive goal in an environmentally friendly and truly sustainable manner.

Kazan told viewers about how the sun-grown greenhouse cannabis produced by Glass House Brands sports a carbon footprint that is only one-tenth (10%) that of the average indoor grown cannabis (the vast majority of the marijuana on the market).

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