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Updated: Nov 16, 2023

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Updated November 16, 2023.

Every week, Higher Learning LV releases fresh new articles in our educational Study Summary series. Among the most popular pieces in this collection are those about cannabis for cancer.

Below are collected Higher Learning LV's cannabis for cancer articles and podcast episodes. This page is suitable for bookmarking because it is updated regularly and will expand as new articles about this topic are published.

Cannabis for Cancer Patients Survey

A 2022 study entitled "Cannabis in Cancer Survivors Who Report High Impact Chronic Pain: Findings from a 1500+ Patient Survey" that was published in the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine explored how cannabis medicine might assist cancer survivors who endure chronic pain.

Medical Cannabis Use by Australians with Cancer

An October 2023 study entitled "Stigma, Risks, and Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis Use Among Australians with Cancer" that was published on Research Square investigated "how Australians with cancer rationalise their medicinal cannabis use despite its risks."

Cannabinoids for Children with Cancer

An August 2023 study entitled "Cannabinoids for Symptom Management in Children with Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis" that was published in the journal Cancer "systematically appraised the existing published literature for the use of cannabis products in children with cancer."

Deep Dive: Cannabis for Cancer Pain

An August 2022 research study entitled "Practical Considerations for the Use of Cannabis in Cancer Pain Management—What a Medical Oncologist Should Know" that was published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine explored "the use of cannabis-based medicines for cancer pain management" with the goal of informing "the medical oncology community about the use of cannabis as a possible therapeutic option for pain relief."

Cannabis for Breast Cancer

In No. 12 of the Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast, host Curt Robbins from Higher Learning LV and co-hosts John Carver from North Carolina and Dena Putnam from Leafwize Naturals in Orange County, California are joined by guest Alana Armstrong from the Alan Aldous PR and digital marketing agency in Toronto, Canada to discuss a 2021 research study pertaining to the potential efficacy of cannabis for breast cancer.

Anti-Cancer Effects of 25 Cannabis Samples

A September 2022 research study entitled "Analysis of Anti-Cancer & Anti-Inflammatory Properties of 25 THC-rich Cannabis Samples" that was published in the journal Molecules analyzed 25 loose-leaf cannabis samples "containing high levels of delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)."

Deep Dive: Cannabis for Ovarian Cancer

A September 2022 research study entitled "Anti-Cancer Activity of Cannabis sativa Phytocannabinoids: Molecular Mechanisms and Potential in the Fight against Ovarian Cancer" that was published in the journal Cancers explored "the potential benefits of the combination of chemotherapy with phytocannabinoid ovarian cancer patients."

Cannabis for Breast Cancer

An October 2021 peer-reviewed research study entitled "A Coala-T-Cannabis Survey Study of Breast Cancer Patients' Use of Cannabis Before, During, and After Treatment" that was published in the journal Cancer investigated the reasons that some breast cancer patients use cannabis and their perceived benefits from it.

Terpenes & Flavonoids for Breast Cancer

A June 2022 research study entitled "Anti-cancer Potential of Cannabis Terpenes in a Taxol-resistant Model of Breast Cancer" that was published in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology explored the potential ability of the terpenes produced by cannabis and hemp in the treatment of breast cancer.

Cannabis Inhibits Breast Cancer

A November 2018 research study conducted in South Africa entitled "Comparative Inhibition of Breast Cancer Cell Growth, Invasion, and Angiogenesis by Cannabis Sourced from 16 Geographic Locations" that was published in the South African Journal of Botany investigated the potential anti-cancer efficacy of cannabis treatment, specifically efficacy or breast cancer.

Cannabis Use & Urological Cancers

An August 2022 study entitled "Association Between Cannabis Use with Urological Cancers: A Population-based Cohort Study in the UK Biobank" that was published in the journal Cancer Medicine investigated the potential results of using cannabis on particular types of cancer.

Medical Cannabis for Cancer Patients

A 2022 peer-reviewed research study entitled "Experience With Medical Marijuana for Cancer Patients in the Palliative Setting" that was published in the journal Cureus investigated the efficacy of cannabis as a treatment option for advanced cancer patients.

Cannabis for Cancer (Israel)

A 2018 study entitled "Prospective Analysis of Safety and Efficacy of Medical Cannabis in Large Unselected Population of Patients with Cancer" that was published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine explored the potential positive outcomes of treating cancer with cannabis.

Is Cannabis a Cure?

In No. 2 of the C3 Podcast, host Curt Robbins from Higher Learning LV and co-hosts John Bailey from the Mindset Genesis and Dena Putnam from Leafwize Naturals roundtable discuss the topic of cannabis as a cure for common diseases such as cancer, arthritis, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Is it scientifically valid or ethical to label an herb like cannabis a "cure" for anything?

Medical Cannabis for Cancer Symptoms

A 2022 study entitled "The Effectiveness and Safety of Medical Cannabis for Treating Cancer Related Symptoms in Oncology Patients" that was published in the journal Frontiers in Pain Research explored the potential benefits of cannabis use for cancer patients suffering symptoms that include anxiety, decreased quality of life, depression, increased disability, insomnia, negative effects on sexuality, and pain.

Cannabinoids for Skin Cancer

More than 100 types of cancer plague millions of humans. Among the most common types of cancer are skin cancers. Peer-reviewed research has revealed that some cannabinoids produced by cannabis and hemp may potentially play a preventative or therapeutic role in the treatment of multiple types of skin cancer.

CB1 ECS Receptor Plays Key Role in Colon Cancer

A 2008 preclinical study entitled "Loss of Cannabinoid Receptor 1 Accelerates Intestinal Tumor Growth" that was published in the journal Cancer Research explored the potential role played by the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) in fighting colorectal cancer.

Cannabis for Cancer Care

A 2016 research study entitled "Integrating Cannabis into Clinical Cancer Care" that was published in the journal Current Oncology and authored by California-based cannabis research pioneer Dr. Donald Abrams investigated the efficacy of the herb for a number of symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment (such as chemotherapy).

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