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Cannabis Foundation Certificate

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

For decades, various industries and disciplines have relied upon training certification as a means by which to establish and maintain skills standards among staff members. From new hires and junior associates to middle management and C-suite executives, training certification helps differentiate savvy motivated professionals from their less qualified peers.

Cannabis Foundation Certification Defined

What is certification? It is reliable documentation that confirms that a qualifying student understands and can articulate a range of strategically defined learning goals delivered during a course. True certification does not involve students attending a seminar or course and then automatically being granted a certificate based upon their mere attendance.

"Professional training organizations like Higher Learning LV prove the value of their education services via proficiency-based testing."

Professional training organizations like Higher Learning LV allow their students to prove their retention of what they are taught via proficiency-based testing. If satisfied by students, such testing may result in certification that proves their successful retention of carefully defined learning goals.

Learning Goals Lead To Certification

Meticulous determination of learning goals allows numerous and seamless reiteration opportunities—all laser focused on the ultimate goal of helping students prepare for and pass the certification exam.

Certificate holders have proof that they possess and have demonstrated a superior understanding of the subject matter than most of their peers. This is why true certification is so appealing to multi-state operators and enterprise organizations that are seeking to grow staff with only the most qualified personnel.

True Certification Earned via Testing

In the case of the forthcoming Higher Learning LV course Cannabis Foundation, a detailed test requires a passing grade of 85 percent or better to earn certification (students who fail their initial test are given two additional exam opportunities).

Industry professionals who earn a Cannabis Foundation Certification will have proven their thorough understanding of the most important commercial and chemical elements of the legal marijuana industry. This includes the Four Pillars of cannabis science and a curriculum based entirely on peer-reviewed scientific research.

Budtender Basics

One of our certifications will be Budtender Basics, a special course designed specifically for retail employees that emphasizes core learning goals—including cannabinoids like CBD and THC, terpenes, alternative cannabinoids (delta-8, etc.), and the endocannabinoid system. Like our generalized Cannabis Foundation course, the Budtender Basics Certification test will require an 85 percent or better grade for a student to successfully achieve certification.

Stay tuned for release of our new cannabis certification courses, Cannabis Foundation and Budtender Basics. In addition, Higher Learning LV will offer a full range of seminars.

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