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Cannabis for Anxiety: Overview

Welcome to homework assignment CAS 1.1 in the Cannabis for Anxiety seminar from Higher Learning LV. This assignment provides an overview of the topic of cannabis for anxiety, including a detailed analysis of the multiple types of anxiety, current statistics regarding the disorder, and some of the underlying biochemical mechanisms involved.

This assignment includes recently published peer-reviewed scientific research on the topic of the potential medicinal efficacy of marijuana and hemp for anxiety, including positive outcomes from CBD and delta-9 THC. This deep dive assignment in particular focuses on several recent studies that investigate the topic.

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Can the various phytomolecules that are produced by the Cannabis sativa L. botanical species (marijuana and hemp) provide relief to those who suffer anxiety? If so, the key lies in proper dosing and a clear understanding by budtenders and wellness professionals about how varying doses of particular cannabinoids produced by the herb affect patients and lifestyle consumers in different ways.

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