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Deep Dive: Cannabis Origination & Domestication History

Updated: Mar 6

This Deep Dive serves two roles: First as a homework assignment for the Cannabis Foundation: Part 1 course and second as part of Higher Learning's Deep Dive Subscription.

For Deep Dive subscribers: This Deep Dive serves as a review of a 2021 study that examined the origination and domestication of the cannabis botanical species. This article is a living document that is updated regularly based on the release of new research on this topic.

For students of Cannabis Foundation: Part 1, welcome to the second homework assignment for Module 2: Cannabis 2 > Lesson 5: Cannabis History . In this assignment, students learn about the latest research about the origination and domestication of cannabis, including its geographic origins, species characteristics, early domestication, and other important topics regarding the plant with focus on a 2021 study on the topic.


A July 2021 peer-reviewed research study entitled "Large-scale Whole-genome Resequencing Unravels the Domestication History of Cannabis Sativa" that was published in the journal Science Advances investigated the global domestication patterns of this controversial plant species, with a focus on its genetic evolution and possible ways to categorize the variability present in modern cannabis and hemp.

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