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Deep Dive: Cannabis Genetics and Perceived Aroma

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

This 2,100-word Deep Dive explores, in detail, the effect of genetics on how humans perceive cannabis, particularly with respect to aroma and flavor. This article is a living document that is updated regularly based on the release of new research on this topic.


An October 2022 peer-reviewed research study entitled "Human Olfactory Discrimination of Genetic Variation within Cannabis Strains" published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology explores the issue of the cross influences between cannabis genetics and cultivars ("strains") and whether genetic inconsistencies in commercial samples "also display inconsistent aroma profiles."

The study's authors stated their goal as helping "the cannabis industry achieve better control of product consistency." "We sought to determine whether within-strain genetic variation in cannabis manifests as discrepant aroma production," reported the researchers.

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