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Deep Dive: Understanding Cannabis Trichomes

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

This Deep Dive serves two roles: First as a homework assignment for the Cannabis Foundation: Part 1 course and second as part of Higher Learning's Deep Dive Subscription.

For Deep Dive subscribers: This Deep Dive serves as a research review that summarizes a detailed 2019 study about the glandular trichomes of mature female cannabis plants that produce all cannabinoids and terpenes. This article is a living document that is updated regularly based on the release of new research on this topic.

For students of Cannabis Foundation: Part 1, welcome to the second homework assignment for Module 3: Cannabis 1 > Lesson 4: Trichomes from the course Cannabis Foundation: Part 1. In this assignment, students learn the details of trichomes, including the biochemical and lifecycle characteristics of these glands produced by cannabis/hemp/marijuana. Students will learn more about the three types of glandular trichomes and how they vary in terms of a number of characteristics, including terpene and cannabinoid production.


An August 2019 study entitled "Cannabis Glandular Trichomes Alter Morphology and Metabolite Content During Flower Maturation" that was published in The Plant Journal explored the biochemical nature and lifecycle of the trichome glands that are the source of all cannabinoids and terpenes produced by hemp and cannabis.

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