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Higher Learning LV Certification Roadmap

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

At Higher Learning LV, we've helped tens of thousands of cannabis industry professionals better understand the business and biochemistry of marijuana with our no-cost training assets. Two years ago, when planning our launch, it was suggested during a strategy meeting that we give away 75 percent of our cannabis training assets at no cost and attach enrollment fees to only a quarter of our premium content. Needless to say, eyes rolled.

During the interim, we proved that giving away massive amounts of premium-quality research-based educational content was actually a good idea. Our community and followers, now over 60,000 strong, seem to agree.

This freemium training strategy is Higher Learning LV's way of combating the heavy stigma, misinformation, and urban legends that have, unfortunately, become woven into the fabric of the cannabis culture by a century of prohibition. Few industry professionals possess a comprehensive understanding of the cannabis plant; many unintentionally spread incorrect information.

The slow death of companies like Leafly, the record-setting bear market for cannabis stocks, and the embrace of legal marijuana by conservative states in the U.S. are signs that the cannabis industry is undergoing dramatic change. Basically, it is finally growing up.

Operational Efficiency & Competitive Advantage

The industry is becoming more professional, with a focus on standard operating procedures, product consistency, and sustainable long-term business models. Part of this maturation involves the adoption and standardization of professional staff training from vendors like Higher Learning LV. Such training achieves two simple goals for cannabis companies: Operational efficiency and competitive advantage. Training that achieves neither of these goals is beyond worthless—it is a costly mistake.

"Part of the maturation of the cannabis industry involves the adoption and standardization of professional staff training from vendors like Higher Learning LV."

Since our launch in May 2021, Higher Learning LV has been attracting an audience of likeminded industry professionals and passionate patients, all of whom are simply seeking the most accurate and unbiased science-based cannabis education available. We have news to share regarding our upcoming certification tracks. We're planning three exciting new industry certificates.

Our Free Cannabis Training Assets

Today, Higher Learning LV offers nearly 500 free training assets in our Articles collection. In addition, our Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast provides listeners with no-cost science-based education and insight every week.

For the past two years, we've been quietly developing a fee-based curriculum to accompany our free assets. Curriculum is simply an academic term for a structured collection of courses that logically and iteratively map to proficiency tests. The Higher Learning LV curriculum will be composed of seminars, courses, modules, and proctored certification exams. Let's talk more about the certification.

Three Higher Learning LV Certificates

At Higher Learning LV, life is modular. Homework assignments compose lessons that stack into modules that sequentially integrate to create a course that maps to optional certification. Our short courses are comprised of two modules, while long courses feature four.

Higher Learning LV's three upcoming certification tracks

Budtender Basics is an example of a short course. It is our entry-level certification and designed to appeal to students, those new to the workforce, and anyone on a budget. It will be popular with enterprise clients who want to get maximum value from a tight training budget. It will also be attractive to those who are new to the cannabis industry and want to make a smaller investment in certification.

Cannabis Foundation will serve as Higher Learning LV's primary certificate and will be the prerequisite for Cannabis Master certification. The Cannabis Master Certificate will be our most advanced and prestigious recognition of proficiency, preparing students for specialized roles in cultivation, processing, distribution, or retail. Cannabis Master will serve those who are entering or already in management positions.

"Part of our premium service is providing students who fail their first exam attempt with an analysis of their performance that focuses on the areas in which they need to work."

Certification exams will be live proctored testing sessions led by the author of the course that involve student identity verification and are conducted via video conference. Students must achieve a score of 90% or better to be granted certification for any Higher Learning LV course. Students are given three attempts to pass the exam within a six-month period.

Part of our premium service is providing students who fail their first exam attempt with an important analysis of their performance. This insightful report focuses on the areas in which students need to work to pass the exam. This process guarantees that the majority of students who fail their first attempt pass their second.

Core Cannabis is the Prerequisite

Our new course Core Cannabis will serve as the required prerequisite to Cannabis Foundation, ensuring that students of both the Cannabis Foundation and Cannabis Master certifications are well versed in the latest peer-reviewed scientific research about the 25 most important cannabinoids and eight most common terpenes produced by cannabis and hemp.

Until enrollment opens in Cannabis Foundation, enjoy its prerequisite, our Core Cannabis course. Also available is our Deep Dive Subscription. It provides students with our exclusive collection of dozens of long-form articles on a variety of topics important to the cannabis industry. Each month, we publish two new Deep Dive articles into the collection that are available only to subscribers.

Are you a cannabis industry professional? Check out Higher Learning LV's Deep Dive Subscription that features dozens of long-form articles based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific research. Priced to accommodate personal and enterprise training budgets.

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