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Introducing The Higher Learning LV Podcast

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In July 2023, Higher Learning LV changed the format of the Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast (the C3) to a one-on-one interview format hosted by Curt Robbins called The Higher Learning LV Podcast.

The existing archive of 50 episodes of the C3 Podcast involving industry veterans Dena Putnam from Leafwize Naturals and John Bailey from the Mindset Genesis will remain available indefinitely since the podcast is merely being updated, not replaced.

The Higher Learning LV Podcast logo.
All business. No small talk.

The Higher Learning LV Podcast. The C3 Podcast was strategically produced to be evergreen, giving the existing collection a multi-year lifespan not typical of podcasts about any subject, let alone cannabis, marijuana, and hemp.

The Higher Learning LV Podcast

The tone and target audience of The Higher Learning LV Podcast have not changed. We are fiercely focused on industry professionals and enterprise organizations and are maintaining our tagline of being All Business and No Small Talk.

All Business. No Small Talk

The podcast will continue to offer listeners lightly scripted and tightly edited content that always comes in under 30 minutes out of respect to their busy schedules. This fast-paced professional podcast features no crude language and maintains a tone driven by business, science, and evidence-based data—not politics or ideology. At Higher Learning LV, we welcome those who identify as conservative, moderate, liberal, and everything in between.

Listen to The Higher Learning LV Podcast

To check out The Higher Learning LV Podcast, visit our podcast articles or go directly to the episodes here. Thank you to all subscribers and listeners. Stay tuned for more great weekly episodes with the top thought leaders in the emerging legal cannabis and hemp industries.

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