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Las Vegas Cannabis Hotel Coming April 2023

Updated: 3 days ago

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Las Vegas, one of the leading adult-use cannabis states in the U.S. and playground to more than 46 million tourists from around the globe each year, will soon add to its impressive list of attractions a boutique cannabis-centric hotel.

You heard that right: Soon, an upscale hotel in Vegas will let you toke, smoke, vape, and eat cannabis. All without breaking any rules or laws.

The Lexi: Opening April 2023

An End to Back Alley Toking?

Vegas, which has offered tourists and locals legal retail sales of cannabis and cannabis products since the summer of 2017 has, like other canna-legal cities, been forcing pot-smoking tourists to risk either heavy fines by smoking in their hotel room or attracting the attention of local law enforcement by puffing down on the sidewalk or in the back alley.

The coming slew of cannabis consumption lounges in 2023 will help deal with this ironic situation. However, many note that the opportunity for both the cannabis industry and the hospitality industry is catering to weed-loving tourists beyond mere lounges. In-room consumption and infused food services are just two of these opportunities.

The cannabis-friendly Lexi will open April 2023

With all of the turmoil in the world currently, it's nice to know that a few things are actually getting better—particularly if you're a cannabis consumer who would like to smoke in style in your room or vape with strangers around the pool.

"The new hotel that will embrace Nevada's adult-use cannabis legalization and cater to marijuana consumers."

Lexi Hotel First To Allow Cannabis Smoking

The property formerly known as the Artisan, an off-Strip luxury nongaming hotel featuring 64 rooms, will relaunch in the second quarter as The Lexi. While a specific date has not been announced, Alex Rizk, President and CEO of Elevations Hotels and Resorts in Phoenix, the new owner of the property, in January announced the early April opening of the unique and progressive hotel that will embrace Nevada's adult-use cannabis legalization and cater to marijuana consumers.

The Lexi will hold the distinction of being the first hotel in the history of Las Vegas to feature cannabis-friendly hospitality.

The marijuana-friendly Lexi Hotel is all class

According to the company's press release: "While normalizing the idea of cannabis in travel, The Lexi is focused on creating a premium hospitality concept for all guests with a promise of delivering personal and superior service, along with a delicious and inspired culinary and cocktail program, and launching a spring/summer pool party season that is designed to provide a high-energy good time."

Will this tone resonate with modern cannabis consumers visiting Vegas? Only time will tell.

"The Lexi will hold the distinction of being the first hotel in the history of Las Vegas to feature cannabis-friendly hospitality."

In March 2022, Elevations Hotels and Resorts purchased the Artisan Hotel for about $12 million from The Siegel Group. Since the purchase, the company has invested more than $3 million into renovations for the property.

Clues from the Clarendon

This isn't the first rodeo for Rizk and Elevations Hotels and Resorts. The company also owns the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix, a unique property that offers a cannabis lounge and rooms that permit smoking, similar to the coming offering from The Lexi. In its cannabis-friendly rooms, the Clarendon allows vaping, dabbing, and any form of vaporization or smoking of loose-leaf flower. They do not, however, allow tobacco smoking "due to the lasting smell and residue."

If the policies at the Clarendon are any indication, the smoking of cannabis will be limited to private rooms and not permitted in public areas at The Lexi. "Since we are currently a split-use hotel with cannabis and non-smoking rooms, we do ask that any smoking take place in your cannabis-friendly rooms and not in the public areas of the hotel," states the policy at the Clarendon. It makes exceptions for "vapes and smokeless products," which it allows to be used "in outdoor public areas, not including the restaurant" (which would include the pool).

The pot-friendly Lexi will feature a luxury pool

The Lexi Hotel will feature a fourth floor that is entirely dedicated to cannabis-consuming guests. To accommodate those who like to get their smoke on, the high-tech rooms will be equipped with special RestorAir filtration systems to prevent inadvertent hotboxing through, claims the company, the complete removal of smoke and other odor-bearing chemicals.

"The Lexi Hotel will feature a fourth floor that is entirely dedicated to cannabis-consuming guests and feature special filtration systems."

Although it won't be part of the hotel when it opens in April, Elevations states that it is seeking licensure for a first floor cannabis lounge. However, the company says that it currently has no plans to sell cannabis or cannabis products onsite. Given the commonality of dispensaries around the Strip and the generally nice weather in Vegas, walking or ubering to the nearest retail outlet shouldn't be a problem.

Consumption Lounge Controversy

February 6 Update >> Since publishing this article, followers on social media have commented that the hotel's planned consumption lounge was dead from the start due to its proximity to a gaming casino.

Inquiry into the issue revealed that the regulations associated with Nevada law AB341 prohibit an adult-use cannabis establishment (which includes consumption lounges) from being located "within 1,500 feet of an establishment that holds a nonrestricted gaming license (described in NRS 463.0177)."

The Lexi is about 750 feet from a gaming casino

According to staff at The Artisan, the closest gaming casino is Palace Station, a large facility with more than 16 slot machines, meaning that it must possess a nonrestricted type of gaming license. Apple Maps revealed that the closest edges of The Artisan and Palace Station are approximately 750 feet from each other. This would indicate that the announcement from Elevations Hotels and Resorts (reported through reputable media outlets such as the Las Vegas Review-Journal) was misguided and incorrect in stating that The Lexi will in the future feature a ground-level cannabis consumption lounge. It appears that it would be breaking the law to do so.

Regulations that prohibit pot lounges within 1500 feet of casinos

Sorry luxury travel fans who like to smoke cannabis in a swank lounge, but a bit of sleuthing has revealed a corporate promise that is, apparently, impossible to fulfill. In the end, The Lexi may offer in-room smoking and poolside vaping and not much beyond that (still better than smoking in the alley—depending on the room rate).

Satisfy Your Munchies Cajun Style

For those who get the munchies after smoking, The Lexi will be home to a Cajun steakhouse led by Executive Chef Jordon Savell (of Hell's Kitchen Season 19 fame). The hotel will also feature a conventional alcohol bar and lounge, while the Lexi Pool will allow topless swimming (one of the few in Vegas to feature a European-style swimming environment). The Lexi will also boast live music in small, intimate settings.

Executive Chef Jordon Savell

Cannabis Infused Dinners

For a monthly fee of $25 or an annual cost of $240, The Lexi will offer a special subscription called Elevations Nation. This program will grant members access to all Lexi Hotel lounges. In addition, Elevations Nation members will receive exclusive invitations to weekly concerts, stand-up comedy, a dinner series, wine pairings, and—what you were truly salivating for—cannabis-infused dinners.

"This program will grant members access to all Lexi Hotel lounges, including the cannabis lounge in the planning."

According to the Elevations Nation website: "The Elevated Cannabis Club is a community of the canna curious, adventure seekers, and everyone in between. Through sophisticated consumption venues, canna friendly events, and unique member activities, Elevations Nation aims to be an industry leader in cannabis, hospitality assimilation." Awkward grammatical construction on the part of the Elevations peeps, but we get the point.

Beyond Las Vegas

While many details of The Lexi remain undetermined—or at least unanswered—clues can be learned from sister property the Clarendon in Phoenix. Those fantasizing about poolside pot seshes (we can imagine the Blunts & Boops promo posters flashing on the display panels in the lobby now) or consumption lounge partying with strangers must update their expectations of The Lexi.

Rizk shared plans to open cannabis-friendly hotels like The Lexi in several major California cities, including Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Diego.

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