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New C3 Podcast Twitter Account

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Higher Learning LV recently launched a new Twitter account for its Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast, also known as the C3. The Twitter account gives listeners the opportunity to learn more about the important trending topics discussed on each episode.

We know that our science-based business podcast reaches many important communities, including medical professionals, patient populations, and other stakeholders who need to understand how marijuana may act as a therapeutic agent for those suffering cancer, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and a range of other conditions.

Business-focused Cannabis Studies

No small talk. All business. That's the unofficial tagline of the C3 Podcast. In under 30 minutes every week, we help industry professionals survive and thrive in the intensely regulated and volatile cannabis business.

The Twitter account allows listeners to interact with one another, enriching existing communities with the results of evidence-based scientific investigations presented through the spreadsheet-driven lens of for-profit businesses. Followers learn from the extensive experience of the podcast's hosts: Dena Putnam from Leafwize Naturals, John Bailey of the Mindset Genesis, and Curt Robbins from Higher Learning LV.

"The C3 Podcast and its new Twitter account keep industry professionals current on cannabis trending topics and the latest peer-reviewed scientific research."

If you want to transition to the hemp or cannabis industries or have already joined our ranks, the C3 Podcast and its new Twitter account keep you current on cannabis industry trending topics and the latest peer-reviewed scientific research to give you a leg up on your competition. Knowledge is power. The C3 Podcast imparts critical knowledge to listeners every week, allowing them to survive in the hyper-competitive emerging cannabis and hemp industries.

Helping You Succeed with Science

We understand if you're skeptical. One recent study revealed that the majority of the information regarding medical marijuana that is available online is false or not based in fact. That's a lot of misinformation.

"Higher Learning LV's articles, podcast episodes, seminars, and courses are based 100 percent in peer-reviewed scientific studies."

The C3 Podcast and our educational Twitter account help industry professionals navigate the waters of cannabis fact and fiction. All of our articles, podcast episodes, and courses are based 100 percent in peer-reviewed scientific studies to ensure that you're operating on only the most current and accurate evidence-based data.

🎧 Like what you just read? Listen and learn with our highly educational weekly Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast. At under 30 minutes per episode, it helps industry professionals stay current on trending topics.

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