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Affordable Cannabis Seminars

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

This article is brought to you by the new Higher Learning LV Core Cannabis course. Learn the 25 most important cannabinoids and eight most common terpenes for an affordable enrollment fee of only $240.


Affordable Cannabis Seminars

Welcome to Higher Learning LV, the source for premium seminars and courses about the business and biochemistry of marijuana. We're happy to announce a new series of affordable seminars targeted at industry professionals.

These entry-level training assets are for those who want to quickly and inexpensively gain deep insight into a particular topic of importance to the cannabis and hemp industries. Unlike our courses, seminars are not tied to certification. Seminars serve as a hybrid of our no-cost training assets such as articles and podcast episodes and our most detailed courses.

Smiling students in a classroom
Our $80 on-demand seminars are a hit

Affordable Cannabis Seminars for Only $80

Affordable cannabis seminars. At Higher Learning LV, we're known for making about 75 percent of our training assets available at no cost. We do this as our way of giving back and helping to fight the stigma, stereotype, urban legends, and overall misinformation that has resulted from a century of cannabis and hemp prohibition in North America.

"For professionals who want to go deeper than our no-cost training resources, we offer our new Seminar Series."

Affordable cannabis seminars. For industry professionals who want to go deeper than is possible with an unstructured collection of free articles, we offer our new Seminar Series. At only $80, these important training resources give our individual students and enterprise clients flexibility in how much they spend on training for particular topics.

Many of Higher Learning LV's students are seeking to join the cannabis industry from another sector, so our obsessive focus on giving them the most education for their time and money is one of the biggest reasons that they choose Higher Learning LV over our competitors.

A cannabis plant
Our cannabis seminars cite the latest studies

Affordable Cannabis Seminars: Robust Homework

Just because seminars are affordable doesn't mean that they aren't robust! Higher Learning LV employs the same instructional development methodology for seminar homework assignments as for those involved in full courses. Seminars allow students to affordably gain a solid experience with our fee-based training assets.

"Seminars allow students to affordably (in terms of both time and money) gain a solid experience with our fee-based training assets."

Seminars are held to the same strict standards as all Higher Learning LV training materials and cite only peer-reviewed scientific research studies published in reputable medical and scientific journals.

A commercial cultivation facility
Higher Learning LV seminars for industry pros

Thank you for being part of the Higher Learning LV community of cannabis students and passionate patients. We promise to bring our students only the most rigorously vetted new cannabis research to teach you the commerce and chemistry of cannabis.

The Higher Learning LV text logo.

Did you enjoy New Affordable Cannabis Seminars? Are you a cannabis industry professional? Check out Higher Learning LV's Deep Dive Subscription that features dozens of long-form articles based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific research. Priced to accommodate personal and enterprise training budgets.

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