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Recently, the popular social media platform Twitter began offering a no-cost audio conferencing service called Spaces to its users. A variety of celebrities, thought leaders, industries, and subcultures have embraced Spaces to conveniently come together to discuss topics of interest.

Spaces offers the basic framework of a host, co-hosts, and a stage metaphor where participants ("Listeners") either request or are invited to speak by a host or co-host (after which they become "Speakers").

Now that Twitter has added the ability to record these sessions, educators such as Higher Learning LV have gained another powerful tool for reaching thousands of followers with real-time and deeply interactive content.

C3: Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry

Based on the popularity and obvious appeal of Spaces, Higher Learning LV decided to reach out to our students, subscribers, and social media community to provide an avenue of learning via our own weekly Twitter Spaces. The C3: Cannabis Commerce+Chemistry Space is structured as an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, at 10:00 am Pacific/1:00 pm Eastern, you can participate in the Higher Learning LV C3 AMA Space on Twitter. For one hour, we answer your hardest marijuana and hemp questions. For those who cannot attend the session live, Twitter maintains a recording that you can access 24/7 or listen to repeatedly.

Episode Archive

Our Spaces AMA sessions are hosted by Higher Learning LV founder Curt Robbins. Below are a few archive episodes that are overflowing with knowledge and facts based in scientific research (we update the list weekly).

Post-AMA Article Links

During AMA sessions, many relatively complex topics are discussed, including the nuanced biochemistry of phytomolecules from hemp and cannabis such as cannabinoids (like CBD, CBG, and THC), terpenes (including myrcene and pinene), and flavonoids (like quercetin and Cannflavin A).

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That's why, after each AMA Space, we post links to articles in our Knowledgebase from our Twitter accounts and our Facebook group. With only an hour to ask questions and cover detailed, complicated topics, citing Knowledgebase articles allows us to provide participants with more detailed information from our various series, including Quick Read, Understanding, Deep Dive, and TerpeneHarvest™.

You can find these educational posts by subscribing to our Twitter accounts and Facebook group, linked below.

Join Us!

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am Pacific and 1:00 pm Eastern with your most challenging cannabis questions during our Twitter Spaces AMA! Follow the accounts above to ensure that you'll receive notices for upcoming sessions and the helpful article links that follow.

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To learn more, subscribe to the Higher Learning LV™ Knowledgebase, the largest ad-free cannabis article/video repository in the world!

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