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Cannabis for Cancer: Medical Cannabis for Cancer Patients

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Welcome to homework assignment CCS 1.6 of the Cannabis for Cancer Seminar from Higher Learning LV. This assignment teaches students the latest peer-reviewed scientific research about cannabis for cancer. This particular study summary examines 2022 research that focused on medical marijuana within the scope of palliative cancer treatment.

When you complete this homework assignment, simply click the link at the bottom of the article to return to the master page for this seminar.


A 2022 peer-reviewed research study entitled "Experience With Medical Marijuana for Cancer Patients in the Palliative* Setting" that was published in the journal Cureus investigated the efficacy of cannabis as a treatment option for advanced cancer patients.

*Palliative care is defined as "alleviating the symptoms of a disease or disorder, especially one that is terminal, when a cure is not available."

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