Sunil Aggarwal, MD Video Interview

Updated: Oct 27

In May 2021, Higher Learning LV's Director of Course Development, Curt Robbins, interviewed Sunil Aggarwal, MD.

Other popular articles in the Higher Learning LV Interview series include:

Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, MD

Discussion topics include

  • the medicinal efficacy of cannabis for a range of disease states and patient conditions

  • Israeli delta-8 THC research (children with cancer) & overall therapeutic potential

  • cannabinoid isomers

  • the endocannabinoid system and its discovery

  • why cannabinology is a real thing

  • evidence-driven plant medicines vs. pharmaceutical therapies

  • Oklahoma's amazing medical cannabis system

  • the global genetic source of all modern hemp and cannabis

Sunil Aggarwal, MD/Ph.D., Co-Director at Advanced Integrative Medical Science Institute

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