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Higher Learning LV™ has opened enrollment in a series of live online seminars and courses. The Cannabis Core Concepts series of courses—based on peer-reviewed research results and reputable market survey data—comprehensively teaches company staff, transitional professionals, and aspiring graduates the nuanced biochemistry + regulation-driven business dynamics of legal cannabis.

Cannabis Core Concepts

Higher Learning LV live online seminars and courses address an extensive list of core concepts necessary for industry professionals to truly understand the biochemistry and business of legal cannabis and related products.


These foundational topics include cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and the endocannabinoid system, as well as marketing and regulatory issues that impact legal businesses of all sizes. 

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All Higher Learning LV, our industry-leading seminars and courses are designed modularly. This simple approach allows clients to conveniently customize courses to meet particular job descriptions or project requirements at the lowest cost possible and with fast turnaround.

A modular approach also supports those students and clients who desire our optional proficiency-based certification testing services. Higher Learning LV's certification testing maps directly to module-based learning goals to ensure maximum retention and overall value. 

Optional Certification

All Higher Learning LV seminars and courses
offer optional proficiency-based certification. By separating the proctored certification testing from training, only students and enterprise customers who truly require certification must endure the cost.

This decreases the expense of core training while giving certificate holders true value in terms of proven skills that have been authenticated and documented by a reputable third party.

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Homework + Q&A

All Higher Learning LV, all seminars and courses feature homework and question-and-answer (Q&A) sessions designed around the basic principles of human learning psychology. Sessions are limited in length, with no individual class exceeding two hours because, beyond this period, student retention decreases significantly due to mental fatigue. 

Homework assignments are developed in-house and fully integrated into each course. Our training methodology is designed from the ground up to maximize learning + long-term retention for a minimal investment of time and money. 


Higher Learning LV live seminars offer
premium quality at budget-friendly fees for companies of all sizes, including freelancers and solopreneurs. Our seminars begin at only $129 and courses start at $199. Certification testing
begins at $99.

Because of our unique process, only students who need certification must bear the expense of proctored testing. This allows Higher Learning LV to serve the widest possible range of students and small companies, from new college graduates to self-funded startups. Certification based on third-party proctored testing improves your chances of landing your preferred industry position.