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Mission & Values

Teaching the Commerce + Chemistry of Cannabis™

At Higher Learning LV, we focus on one thing: Training and education for enterprise organizations and professionals in the legal cannabis and hemp industries. Our premium content includes our on-demand seminars and courses, as well as our ad-free collection of no-cost text assets in our Articles collection. Higher Learning LV's proprietary learning content is developed in-house in the United States, based on peer-reviewed scientific research, and never licensed to third parties.

We publish a variety of no-cost and fee-based training and educational resources designed specifically to help hemp and cannabis industry professionals compete to succeed. Check out our weekly Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast, one of our most popular educational resources.  

"Higher Learning LV courses set the industry standard for effective and affordable training and education for cannabis companies of all sizes." — David Kennedy, PurpleRisk Management Services

Our Mission

Our mission at Higher Learning LV is to provide premium on-demand education—in the form of articles, courses, and audio assets—-for enterprise staff within the legal cannabis industry, including large multi-state organizations, regulatory bodies, and professionals looking to enter this newly legal marketplace.

We offer more than 450 no-cost articles, seminars and courses, and content development services that help professionals succeed and companies compete.

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Our Mission
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Our Values

At Higher Learning LV, ignorance, misinformation, and stigma are the enemy. We believe that legal hemp and cannabis provide hundreds of helpful phytomolecules, including tremendous economic opportunity for all social segments.

In hyper-competitive markets such as legal cannabis, knowledge is critical to efficiency. And efficiency is critical to success. We help companies and their staff members develop and refine both—always with an eye on the bottom line.

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