Mission & Values

Learn the Commerce + Chemistry of Cannabis™

At Higher Learning LV™, we focus on one thing: Training and education for enterprise organizations and professionals in the legal cannabis and hemp industries. Our premium content ranges from on-demand seminars and courses to our subscription-based Knowledgebase Pro. Higher Learning LV's proprietary courseware is developed in-house in the United States, based on peer-reviewed scientific research, and never licensed to third parties.

Our instructional developers understand the most efficient learning methodologies and leverage the latest in mobile tech to bring your vision of a smarter you (or a smarter staff) to fruition. Simply put: At Higher Learning LV™, our industry-leading seminars and courses allow our clients to understand the business and biochemistry of legal cannabis better than their competitors—vastly improving their chances of succeeding in this hyper-competitive and tightly regulated marketplace. 

"I love your articles. Informative, rich, clean. Amazing work." — Miriam Sanger, hemp journalist, Ra'ananna, Central, Israel

Our Mission

Our mission at Higher Learning LV™ is to provide premium on-demand education—in the form of convenient online courses—-for staff members within the legal cannabis industry, including enterprise organizations and transitional professionals looking to enter this newly legal marketplace.


Our services include seminars, courses, our Knowledgebase Pro article subscription service, and consulting services (minimums apply).

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Our Values

At Higher Learning LV™, ignorance, misinformation, and stigma are the enemy. We believe that legal hemp and cannabis provide hundreds of helpful phytomolecules, including tremendous economic opportunity for all social segments.

In hyper-competitive markets such as legal cannabis, knowledge is critical to efficiency. And efficiency is critical to success. We help companies and their staff members develop and refine both—always with an eye on the bottom line.