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Lowest cost per student

Enterprise Pricing

The founders at Higher Learning LV have more than 30 years of experience developing and delivering robust instructor-led and self-paced on-demand technical training to Fortune 200 clients. These have included FedEx, Nationwide Insurance, Northrop-Grumman, Microsoft, Safe Auto Insurance, Strainprint Technologies, and USAA.


At Higher Learning LV, we understand the special needs of enterprise clients and enjoy providing boutique services at fees that are sure to put a smile on the face of your CFO and HR director. Our training contracts offer significant discounts for as few as 10 students.  

Classroom Lecture
Business Meeting

Higher Learning LV's Core Cannabis course teaches your staff members about the 25 most important cannabinoids and eight most common terpenes produced by cannabis and that appear in
cannabis products.

This course serves as the prerequisite for all other courses from Higher Learning LV, so it's a good investment in your employees upon which you can build. Leverage your investment in Core Cannabis to take employees to the next level with Cannabis Foundation (coming Q2 2023). 

Benefits of Training Contracts

Higher Learning LV offers our enterprise clients salon service at gym prices. You can begin to experience savings with as few as 10 of your employees enrolled in one or more of our courses. 

Savings of up to 67% can be enjoyed on Tier 4 level agreements. Our largest enterprise clients save $80,000 per year per course off of our open
enrollment fees. 

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