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Higher Learning LV: How We Teach Cannabis to Industry Professionals

Brought to you by the new Core Cannabis course.


Since 2003, Higher Learning LV has been teaching people about the business and biochemistry of cannabis/hemp/marijuana. Our founders and chief instructional designers have been successfully developing and delivering enterprise and professional training for more than 30 years for clients such as Microsoft, USAA, Nationwide Insurance, and FedEx (for technical topics outside of cannabis).

All of our training is developed in-house in the United States, never licensed to third parties, and based on the results of peer-reviewed research investigations that have been published in reputable scientific and medical journals.

Modular Cannabis Courses are Customizable

During the past two years, we've been developing a modular model for premium online and on-demand cannabis training in the form of seminars and courses. Our unique training model leverages the latest technology, including video conferencing and mobile tech. Our passion for modularity provides our clients with unprecedented levels of accuracy and fast turnaround when customizing Higher Learning LV content for particular job descriptions and internal projects.

We had a few requirements. Higher Learning LV seminars and courses had to be affordable, easy and convenient to take from all platforms (including mobile, tablets, and desktop computers), and scripted in a manner that is simple to understand for all job levels—from entry-level budtenders through C-suite executives and founders. Oh, and the most important requirement: All Higher Learning LV seminars and courses had to embrace the latest peer-reviewed scientific research.

Latest Cannabis Research Studies

But first, why Higher Learning LV? Why not one of our competitors, like Clover Leaf, Hemp Staff Training, or one of those fly-by-night cannabis universities? Because they aren't as obsessive as us when it comes to building premium self-paced cannabis courses around only the latest peer-reviewed scientific studies. They simply aren't.

"Our training is developed in-house in the United States, never licensed to third parties, and based on the results of peer-reviewed research from reputable journals."

Higher Learning LV just released its first course, Core Cannabis. This specialized training teaches industry professionals about the 25 most important cannabinoids and eight most common terpenes produced by cannabis. Dozens of the 127 research citations are from 2023 studies.

To learn more about Core Cannabis, check out our informative video above.

No One has Cannabis Training as Current as Higher Learning LV

At Higher Learning LV, we've labeled ourselves disruptive. It's because we are. We guarantee that the seminars, courses, and certification exams that we offer are the highest quality and most effective on the market. No other courses—from any company—are as current as Core Cannabis (which includes research as fresh as March 2023).

In addition, we keep our courses current with quarterly updates and major revisions once per year. During these updates, we uncover the latest research about our Four Pillars of Cannabis Science: Cannabinoids, Flavonoids, Terpenes, and the Endocannabinoid system. All of our training and education falls under these four pillars.

Enrollment Fees are Budget Friendly

We know money is tight—both personally and in the company coffers. It's why our enrollment fees are so economical. Higher Learning LV strives to offer fees that are as inclusive as possible.

Our free Articles collection, including our Study Summary and Cannabis Conclusions series, features nearly 500 educational assets that are, just like our paid seminars and courses, based entirely in the latest research studies. These no-cost training assets educate thousands of industry professionals every week and reach a global audience that cannot necessarily afford fee-based training.

Cannabis Seminars, Courses, & Certification Exams

During 2023, Higher Learning LV will release a catalog of fee-based training assets in three primary categories: Seminars, courses, and certification exams. Our economically priced $80 seminars provide students with a budget-friendly avenue into the professional fee-based assets from Higher Learning LV. Courses, which range from $240 to $380, offer optional certification (not available for seminars).

Certification occurs via a live and proctored examination on which students must score 90 percent or better. The certification exam fee, $220, provides students with three attempts to achieve a passing score during a six-month period that begins with their first certification exam attempt.

Certification occurs via a live proctored examination on which students must score 90 percent or better.

Our founders bring to this project deep industry experience and a keen understanding of instructional development methodologies and other factors that influence human learning. At Higher Learning LV, we do this better than any other company offering training and education for the hemp and cannabis industries.

Check out our no-cost assets to get acquainted with our quality levels and passion for current research. Enjoy your day and please remember to #LearnAndTeachOthers.

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