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New NITA Partnership: Cannabis Industry Security

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New NITA Partnership: Cannabis Industry Security

We are happy to announce a new partnership between Higher Learning LV and the National Investigative Training Academy (NITA), America's largest online provider of investigator and security training. Together, the two leading cannabis training companies will produce a number of training assets, including a series of articles.

NITA offers more online courses for private investigators and security professionals than any other school
NITA is the leading provider of security training

New NITA Partnership: Cannabis Industry Security. The first article to emerge from this partnership is the educational Quality Training: Cannabis Industry Benefits from Tech authored by Florida-based security expert Jeff Dingle from NITA. Dingle brings his decades of experience in a variety of facets of the security sector to bear on this insightful piece that will help founders, C-suite executives, and managers at cannabis and hemp companies better understand the serious impact of the training they provide to their staff members.

Stay tuned for more articles from both Higher Learning LV and NITA about cannabis industry security and how proper security training is often the difference between success and failure in the marijuana industry.

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