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Layoff Insurance: Cannabis Training

This free training article is brought to you by Higher Learning LV's course Core Cannabis. At only $240, this affordable on-demand premium course teaches industry professionals and enterprise organizations the latest scientific research about the 25 most important cannabinoids and eight most common terpenes.


News of layoffs among American and Canadian cannabis companies has sent a shock wave through the industry. As market correction bleeds into bankruptcies and even occurrences of large multi-state operators exiting certain key states, worries among industry professionals regarding their job security have understandably been pervasive.

An employee with a worried look on her face.
Worried about layoffs? Investment in cannabis training.

Layoff Insurance: Cannabis Training

Layoff Insurance: Cannabis Training. A job environment rife with layoffs is no fun for professionals. But there's a simple way for marijuana and hemp company staff members to significantly decrease their chances of getting laid off: Training.

Unless a company fully shutters, belt tightening is necessarily a job of selecting one resource over another. In theory, the most skilled and experienced employees are those who are retained, with junior and less experienced workers suffering the brunt of the chopping block action.

"There's a simple way for marijuana and hemp company staff members to significantly decrease their chances of getting laid off: Training."

During times of contraction and recession, the common advice is to conserve and hunker down. Nobody tells those worried about losing their jobs to go spend money. But I will. Hundreds of thousands of industry professionals still have fruitful jobs and would like to keep it that way. For them, training is a natural insurance policy.

A man sitting in front of a laptop computer with a notepad and smartphone at a company meeting.
Training helps cannabis staff members avoid layoffs.

Skills Training = Improved Job Security

There's no rocket science to the mechanism of gaining additional job skills to prevent a layoff. More knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced staff members are of more value to their employers. As such, they are the ones who survive the axe during periods of layoffs.

Higher Learning LV has been developing premium on-demand cannabis training for more than two years. The instructional developers behind this dynamic and disruptive new training company have more than 30 years of experience, having developed technical training for Fortune 200 companies like USAA, FedEx, Nationwide Insurance, and Microsoft.

A jar of cannabis at a commercial dispensary
Cannabis training helps prevent layoffs.

Cannabis Training Begins at Only $80

When Higher Learning LV first asked me to write for them, I was cynical. What makes you guys so special, I asked. They explained their core values and mission and that they would always give away at least 75 percent of their training and educational assets. However, enterprise organizations and passionate industry professionals need more than is offered by these no-cost resources.

For this audience, Higher Learning LV has begun introducing comprehensive seminars and courses based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific research studies. Priced from $80 to $380, these training assets have been developed specifically for cannabis industry professionals and the companies that employ them.

Higher Learning LV currently offers three seminars and a comprehensive course entitled Core Cannabis that teaches students the 25 most important cannabinoids and eight most common terpenes in marijuana and hemp.

Begin Cannabis Training Today

The nice thing about Higher Learning LV's premium on-demand seminars and courses is that you can engage in training when, where, and how you want. This training embraces the latest in mobile and web tech to offer the most convenient and current self-paced training on the market.

Inside, outside, in your easy chair, with the laptop, or even on your phone or smart TV. Higher Learning LV seminars and courses set a new standard in quality and ease of use.

The Higher Learning LV text logo.

Enrollment is now open to students and enterprise clients in the Cannabis for Anxiety seminar from Higher Learning LV. This is the third seminar from this new disruptive training and education company, following the popular Cannabis for Cancer and Cannabis for Pain seminars.

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