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C3 Podcast No. 9: Cannabis & Lazy Stoner Stigma

In No. 9 of the Cannabis Commerce + Chemistry Podcast, host Curt Robbins from Higher Learning LV and co-hosts John Bailey from the Mindset Genesis and Dena Putnam from Leafwize Naturals are joined by guest Matt Grimshaw from the San Francisco Bay Area. Grimshaw is a documentary filmmaker who has worked with independent cannabis cultivators and military veterans, with a focus on Northern California and Oregon.

The four professionals discuss an August 2022 research study about whether cannabis use—particularly frequent use—leads to a lack of motivation or other potentially negative outcomes.

Grimshaw shares the perspective he has gained from years of working with veterans and seeing the impact of marijuana use on their daily productivity and overall success levels. Read the Higher Learning LV Study Summary behind this roundtable discussion here >

🎧 Listen to C3 Podcast >> Cannabis & Lazy Stoner Stigma

This weekly 30-minute podcast is targeted at cannabis and hemp industry professionals and is strategically free of profanity and crude dialog. This audio session was edited for length and clarity.

Listen now at Higher Learning LV, on Apple Podcasts or Spotify, and most other major podcasting platforms (including Amazon Music, Anchor, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Pandora, and Stitcher).

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